"Peggy Dyer is an upside-down, over-the-shoulder, alli-ooop and swish photographer.  She's a joyous being who takes her subjects out from behind their own shadows by being naked, vulnerable and human herself and in so doing, takes super hero shots capturing the souls transit through the human form."   -Sally Taylor

"There are so many wonderful wonderful shots in there - thanks so much"   -Tracie G.

"This is an incredible piece if art!!!!!"   -Chris T.

"Thank you Peggy! Love the shots you took (as always)! Great locations and light and you and your mad skills bring out the best in Kels! Exceptional :))"   -Davis Phinney.

"The PHOTOS are AWESOME!!! Nice work! You definitely Helped to make the party rock!"   -Connie C.

"The photos are truly magnificent,splendid,superb,excellent"   -Ellen G.

"You were awesome! The comments we got back from our family should have your ears burning"   -Andrew H.

"You were so wonderful and patient and I so appreciate all the time you took with all my family in order to have some really wonderful pictures taken.we have loved having you in our lives the last year and look forward to you preserving the years to come for us."   -Wendy C.